Lift-Off With Energizing Results

015-Marina Sciarrino

Episode Summary

Marina and I met in a marketing program where I was her coach and after that, she joined my Lift-Off With Energizing Results community where she is also part of my Mastermind group. Marina is a former architect who has discovered innovation and marketing. With her support, she helps architects and designers to grow their impact and business through her proprietary framework: The Architecture of Matching Clients.

Episode Notes

  1. Who’s your ideal client and what’s the biggest challenge they face and are you working only in Italy?
  2. What are the common mistakes people make when trying to solve that problem?
  3. What is one valuable free action that our audience can implement that will help with that issue?
  4. What is one valuable free resource that you can direct people to that will help with that issue?
  5. What’s the one question I should have asked you that would be of great value to our audience?
  6. What do you do regarding your family to align clarity?
  7. When was the last time you experienced Goosebumps and why? 
  8. Final words

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